RCJI Dec/Jan 2024 - Issue 183

RCJI Dec/Jan 2024 - Issue 183

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This issue of Radio Control Jet International (RCJI) magazine is a packed edition with jet and turbine reviews, plus the latest news from across the world. 

Contents Include

  • Fastest EDF in the World
  • Hangar 9 MB-339
  • Technically Speaking - Dave Gladwin talks Air Systems
  • Jet Jam 2023 - EDF Event
  • Kingtech K-86G4+
  • BVM F-15 (Part 2)
  • 14th Jet World Masters (Part 2)
  • CARF Rebel Max (Part 2)
  • Composite RC Gliders GMBH
  • Gas Turbine Performance Comparisons

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