About Editor Marco Benincasa

Marco and his Hawk.Thanks to his parents, Marco was hearing about aeromodelling before he was born in 1974!

His father, Giulio, it's been one of the best Control Line Combat (F2D) pilot in the world, and his mother, Giovanna, was Giulio's helper and mechanic in competitions as World and European Championships. Giulio is still totally involved in aeromodelling building planes and travelling with Marco all around the world for various competitions.

Editor of the biggest italian aeromodelling magazine "Modellistica International" since 1997, Marco has a total passion for aeromodelling and aeronautics, flying every type of model airplanes. He started flying at the age of 6, and quickly got involved in pattern flying, winning the first of his 8 National F3A titles when he was 17. Since then Marco travels the world to compete in the biggest and more important events, as F3A World and European Championships, Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas and since 2007 the famous "Top Gun" in Florida.

In 2000 he "fall in love" with turbine jets and gains experience with all types of jets, including scale and 3D. Marco loves designing new planes, testing prototypes, reviewing various products for his magazines, and flying all around the world with old and new friends.

Marco's son, Riccardo, is now 13 and flies r/c since the age of 5. Since one year he flies jets too.

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