About Editor Colin Straus

Colin and his Hunter.Colin Straus has been modelling for almost 50 years, starting with free flight, then control line and finally radio control. Has built and flown most types of model aircraft as well as helicopters, and has raced both electric and I/C cars at high level.

Been flying jets for more than 15 years, ranging from kit built airframes, through ARTF models to own design aircraft such as the large C-17 Globemaster campaigned by Ali Machinchy so successfully a few years ago, and the two large Meteor F.8 models that have been featured in RCJI during their construction. In total has built and flown almost 50 model gas turbine powered models so far.

Has worked at Ripmax Ltd, the largest radio control distributor in the U.K., for almost 30 years, with experience in most departments within the company. As part of this has travelled extensively, particularly in the Far East, meeting suppliers and developing and testing new products.

For nearly 20 years has been writing articles for U.K. model magazines, primarily Radio Control Jet International, and as part of this has completed more than 30 published turbine tests.

Has also flown at many shows and events all over the U.K. and in Europe.

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